It's Easter Time

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Dear church family

The verse of the day yesterday was 1 Peter 3:15 which says,

'But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.'

Something we can be praying for is more opportunities for us to share the hope that we have in Jesus organically and naturally with those around us. As it says here, always be prepared to give an answer. It is really helpful for us to think through how we would answer someone if they asked about why we believe in Jesus. This can be something you can practice in front of the mirror when you are brushing your teeth or thinking about in the car on the way to work. Our answer doesn't need to be perfect but if we have an answer ready hopefully, we would be less likely to chicken out of sharing our faith.

The more we pray about opportunities to share our faith the more likely we are to have opportunity to share. There are so many in our community who do not know Jesus and really need a Saviour. We have an incredible hope that needs to be shared. The harvest is out there and there are so many I am sure Jesus is calling to know him and have relationship with him. We potentially get to be a part of someone's journey to finding Jesus – what a privilege!!

However, when we share as it says above, we share with gentleness and respect. We cannot bulldozer people into having faith and if we share in a manner that is not respectful to them and their beliefs, we are likely to put them off. When we are given an opportunity to share our hope, we do it from a place of love and respect for the other. If we show respect and share gently, they are more likely to listen to us.

I believe God is calling us out to see lives changed and many in our community come to know Jesus for themselves. We don't have to be the most coherent, gifted evangelists we just need to respectfully and gently share our faith when and where we can and I know God will take our attempts (however useless we may think they are) and do something amazing with it!

You've got this and God has got you!


Lots of love, Katie x

SUNDAY GATHERING - 10:30AM Join us this Sunday - for Palm Sunday - as we gather together in worship and continue this sermon series in the lead up to Easter called 'Living Hope'. For those who are unable to attend in person please join us on YouTube:

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EASTER CELEBRATIONS Join us for our Easter events this month

Maundy Thursday Worship and Prayer Space | 28th March | 8am - 8pm. This is a reflective space to prepare your heart ahead of the Easter weekend. (Note their are no early morning prayers on Maundy Thursday but the prayer space is open)

Maundy Thursday Worship and Prayer | 28th March | 8pm - midnight

Good Friday Worship for Everyone | 29th March | 10:30am

Sunrise Service | 31st March | 7am - 7:30am | Wye Downs

Easter Celebration | 31st March | 10:30am | WBC

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CHURCHES TOGETHER IN ASHFORD Join together with other church families this Easter!

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We were privileged to have recently been joined by Denise and David Flynn who provided five sessions of Deaf Spiritual Awareness training here at WBC. The team have an upcoming mission trip and they would really appreciate prayer support for the following points:

  1. For the Team to practise and improve their Bolivian Sign Language and communication skills not just for friendship and fellowship but also for teaching, training and faith-sharing.
  2. For encouragement and empowering of the Deaf Community in Cochabamba for them to grow in confidence to outreach.
  3. Positive spiritual awareness for the Deaf congregation of Christ Saves Baptist Church: the Team will share various topics: "How to develop in leading Praise and Worship, How to Welcome Deaf People with Autism in Church, Team work in the Church's Kitchen, Preaching and Teaching the Bible.
  4. Outreach in a local Deaf Children's Catholic School, sharing testimonies as representatives from Christ Saves Baptist Church to share awareness about Deaf Autists, including parents and teachers.
  5. Growth in knowledge and spiritual confidence of the UK Deaf Team in doing overseas mission.
  6. Successful installation of a steel-framed, 6 metre high, glass fronted stair-well enclosure plus ceiling mounted ventilator fans in the church.
  7. God's material provision, spiritual protection and blessing and that Jesus would be glorified in all we do.
Please lift them up in prayer, thank you

YOUTH ON PAUSE During Easter, our amazing youth team will be taking a break. Blaze will still be on bar Easter Sunday. Furnace is back on the 15th April & Ignite on the 19th April.

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Ashford Life Skills Course | Fridays | 1:30-3:30pm | WBC
Maundy Thursday Worship and Prayer Space | 28th March | 8am-7pm | WBC
Maundy Thursday Worship and Prayer | 28th March | 8pm-Midnight | WBC
Good Friday Worship for Everyone | 29th March | 10:30am | WBC
Good Friday Service | 29th March | 11am | Ashford Town Bandstand
Sunrise Service | 31st March | 7-7:30am | Wye Downs
Easter Celebration | 31st March | 10:30am | WBC
Lead Theology Course | 13th April | 9:30am-1pm | WBC
The 'Real' Meal | 15th April | The Woolpack in Smeeth

Regular events wu.png

Sparks & Firestarters | Sunday mornings | In The Hall & The Well | 0-3 & 4-10 year olds
Blaze | Sunday mornings upstairs in The Well | years 6-8
Ignite | Friday | 7-9pm | Main worship space | years 7-13
Furnace | Mondays | 7-9pm | Katie's manse | years 9-13
The Well | Open Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays | 9-12
Crafty Cuppa | Thursdays every other week | In The Well | 2-4pm
Brabourne Craft Group | Fourth Thursday of the month | 10am-1pm | Brabourne Baptist Church  
Renew Wellbeing | Tuesdays in The Well | 2-4pm
Prayer | Before our Sunday service | front of church | 9:45am
Early Morning Prayers | Thursday mornings | 6:30am | Join here:

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