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How to Fast? 

Fasting one mealtime should be easy to do for most of us and is a good way to start your journey of fasting.  Skip lunch and take yourself away somewhere quiet to pray (or pray in a way that feels natural to you such as walking).  Any time during the afternoon when you feel a hunger pang, send an arrow prayer to God asking for strength to keep going.

For the first 24 hour fast, you could eat breakfast and then fast lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day.  In that way, you are sleeping through the most difficult part of the fast.  Many people start their fast after dinner, skip breakfast and lunch the next day and then break the fast with dinner.  For our 3rd Wednesday, we suggest doing just that and breaking the fast with a light supper after our prayer meeting.  We suggest drinking water (hot and cold) and /or herb teas such as peppermint;

Keep in mind that although it is quite safe to exercise during a fast, this will increase your feelings of hunger and therefore make your fast more difficult to keep.  If you are exercising during your fast, it is advisable to keep drinking fluids throughout the day.

The most common thing to fast from is food and there are slightly different approaches:

  • Fast from all food and drink except water and / or fruit juice
  • Fast from one meal and replace that time with prayer
If you are diabetic or doing lots of exercise then you may need to take that into consideration when deciding how, what and when you are going to fast.  If there is a medical reason why you can’t fast from food or you have an eating disorder, you can fast from something else that takes your time and attention such as:

 *Social media or the internet *All screen activity (smartphone, TV) * Sports or hobbies  *Talking *News *Music.