Our Elders are responsible for guiding the overall strategy and vision of the Church.
ldr Ron sm2  
Ron Ashman   Paula Chegwin
Ron joined the fellowship at Willesborough in 1989, after 28 years at his previous church. Ron's working life was spent in retail. He took the opportunity of early retirement in 2001. Music has always been an important part of Ron's life and he continues this enjoyment by being part of the Worship Group.

Ron says, "We covet your prayers for the leadership of the church, that we might always be open to the Lord, and be operating according to his plans and purposes."

Ron is married to June. They have three married children.
  Paula joined the WBC family in 2004 and is a passionate leader of our prayer life, encouraging us to go deeper in our relationships with God through uncomplicated, honest conversations with Him.

Paula says, "I long to see God’s Kingdom come in power at WBC and for streams of living water to reach out into our community. My hearts cry is for us all to go deeper in relationship both with God and each other, steeped in the living word of God. I am committed to the vision that Mark has for our church to be a disciple making community advancing God’s Kingdom across Ashford and wherever the Holy Spirit takes us. I believe we are entering a very exciting time as God prepares to mobilise his church during these challenging days."

Paula is married to Stewart.  They have one child.
ldr Keith sm   PaulaV120
Keith Gwilym   Paula Verlinden
Keith, with his wife Sheila and their three children, came to Willesborough Baptist Church in December 1985 when they moved to Ashford from Walton-on-Thames. Keith’s working life was spent in universities as an academic, retiring in 2013. Since retiring Keith re-joined the eldership in 2015 and spends a proportion of his time volunteering as an advisor at Ashford Citizens Advice.

Keith says ‘I was converted in my teens through the witness of my now wife and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I believe we are called to ‘stand out’ from the world by the way we live our lives and to demonstrate His love by the way we treat those both inside and outside the fellowship.’
  Paula made Kent her home with her husband Paul and their three children in 1995; soon after their move they started to attend WBC.  Since that time, amongst many other things, she has been instrumental in developing the prayer life of the church and co-founded Ashford Intercessors Ministry (AIM) to partner, encourage and support other church prayer ministry leaders.

Paula also volunteers weekly for New Kapporet, a Christian listening service.

Now retired, Paula says, "I love God and feel blessed that I am now able to turn more of my attention to Him and serve where He leads. With His help I commit to being the best Elder I can and to serve Him and the  Church wholeheartedly."
ldr Roger sm2    
Roger Whiteley    
Roger's main concern within church life is pastoral, caring for the church family.

He says "I am a Christian by conversion and a Baptist by conviction. My belief that the Lord Jesus Christ is my personal Saviour is what makes me want to serve the Lord."

Roger is married to Jenny and they have three children, one of whom has already gone to be with the Lord.

Co-opted to the Eldership

(being recommended for affirmation in Spring 2021):

ldr Barry sm3   ldr Ben
Barry Cassé   Ben Smith
Barry became a Christian at a youth camp at the age of 16, having been brought up in a Christian home.

He says “Following that camp, I see youth work, building relationships with young people and showing them God’s love as a fundamental part of church life. It's a means of saying thank you for the way in which I was brought up."

Barry has another passion in music, its use in worship and in connecting with the church and the community around.

Barry is married to Anne, and they have one daughter.
  WBC has been Ben's church family since 2009, when he came back to the Lord after a number of years of wandering.

His adventure with Christ started in his early teens and he has always been very aware that God has a plan for him. From the very start, God was equipping him to serve through music and teaching.  He has a passion for "discipling together" as we grow in our relationship with God and each other.

He says: "It is an honour to be able to serve on the leadership team at WBC, particularly during this exciting time where we see so many new people joining the WBC family and new ways to share the Good News! I look forward to seeing more people coming to faith and realising the gifts that God has given them as they get involved with our Ministry teams!"

Ben and his wife Holly, met at WBC and were married in the church in 2017.


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